Hello Friends and Family!


We've been together quite a while with all our pots and pans, and as we don't need homely gifts, we have another plan. We know it's not traditional, and not the way its done, but rather than a wedding list we'd LOVE a bit of sun!!! So if you would like to give a gift and send us on our way, a donation to our honeymoon WOULD REALLY MAKE OUR DAY!!!!!


Thank you so much for visiting our honeymoon registry. Our dream honeymoon is in the beautiful Dominican Republic....Punta Cana to be exact!! 😊 We created this site so that you can be intimately involved in all of the joys that come with planning a memorable trip.


 We thought that some of you might enjoy giving a non-traditional wedding gift, and this seemed like the perfect way to do it. Just click the "Registry" button on the left to begin. Thanks so much for giving us the gift of memories to last a lifetime...we can't think of anything better than spending time together!  


 We’re so happy to have you as part of this moment and look forward to seeing you on Saturday October 24,2015


With love,

Eric Love and Chesary Falls....The future Mr and Mrs.


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